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    Post  Demetrius879 on Wed Apr 06, 2011 4:50 pm

    casino roulette

    Chief scandal online casinos came at the beginning of the year, when the players discovered that the software company's Gambling Federation modifies a Windows file in such a way that closes access to some of the casino. Gambling Federation representatives explained their step so that those casinos that something was stolen and involved in all. But the public is not satisfied with this explanation, got a lot of noise about the possibilities and dangers of spyware, a Gambling Federation has lost a big chunk of the reputation and membership in certain gaming associations.



    If we compare the development of industry in runet the world, it seems that we are lagging behind for several years. Well, judge for yourself, poker in the world is experiencing rapid growth in youth, but we have only its infancy, the online casino world are entering a stage of maturity, but we still have rough childhood.

    Has its first poker room in Russian - Red Star Poker is trying to unwind from the ground up, success is greater than it was a stillborn room "Chance", but still too little to say about the formation of Poker in Russia. Freerolls Red Stara attracted quite a lot of players, but even in the evening just a couple of tables for real money involved. In addition, soft yet damp and constantly revised, that does not please the players. casino roulette
    bookmakers have opened poker rooms, which are the ALL of small networks, there was a couple of ALL of domestic small network of B2B. Russia drew attention to the already mentioned company Ongame, which opened in the room, including in Russian EuroPoker in the third-largest network PokerRooma.
    Internet casino poker

    On the gradual development of poker can be judged by the appearance of special television programs. Channel 7TV led broadcast of one of the poker tournaments, a couple of games commented Dm. Forest and Garry Baldy. Dmitry Forest also became one of the organizers and participants of a poker show on the Rambler-TV "with Russian celebrities.

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