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    Ezbinary - one of best platforms to trade!


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    Ezbinary - one of best platforms to trade!

    Post  Admin on Sun Sep 02, 2012 7:12 am

    Ezbinary i one of leading worlds binary platforms. There you can sell/buy stocks,currencies, indices and commonities and take profit from them.

    Ezbinary was established in 2011 and it is new binary broker in the market but it has very aggressively consolidated its position in the market in a very short term period. This brokerage platform is fully web based, so you don’t have to download or install any software for starting your trading experience on this platform. It has very attractive and engaging trading interface with its unique and common features. The most of the highly traded assets are also available here for trading on them.

    Types of Available b. options

    This broker provides a wide range of binary options, divided into the following three types on this platform,

    Below or Above B. Options

    These are mostly traded in the market, in this type of options the trader only have to predict rightly, either the price of the option would end above the strike price or it would end below the strike price. If it goes according to the prediction option expires in money otherwise it would end out of money, resulting in the loss of your initial investment.

    One Touch Binary Options

    In this type of B.O. the only thing traders have to do is select a strike price that would be touched by the underlying asset in the life cycle of binary contract. If it just touches it one time, your option ends in money, it does not need to sustain there up to the expiration of the contract.

    Range B. Options

    It is more complex type of B.O. as compared to the above mentioned, in this type of option a trader has to predict either the price of the underlying asset would end between ranges of options prices or it would end out of this range

    Minimum investmnet in this platform is 200$.

    Account Types and Payment Options

    On this broker three type of user accounts are available with different deposit limits. The first type of account is Silver and it would require you to deposit $200 dollars to sign up for trading. The second account type is Gold with a minimum deposit requirement of $500 and the third type of account is VIP with a requirement of $5000 deposit.

    It also provides you the most reliable payment methods as credit cards, Money Bookers, Wire transfer, Liberty Reserve, Money Gram and WesterUnion. You can use these platforms to conduct your trades on this brokerage platform.


    It is the most trustworthy brokerage platform with a unique initiative of $20 requirement to purchase a binary contract, making it the ultimate choice for new traders of this industry. You can contact 24hour live customer care center and you are always warm welcomed by the friendly and encouraging professional staff on this brokerage platform. Even if your option expires out of the money, they give you a refund of 10% on your invested amount in the option. These feature are making this brokerage platform very attractive for the binary option traders and once a trader comes to this platform, they stick to this platform for enjoying successful trading experiences with this brokerage platform.

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